P-Shot® (Priapus Shot® for Erectile Dysfunction)

The Priapus Shot® is Non-Surgical sexual rejuvenation procedure. Free Virtual Consultation with ED Specialist is Available.

What is MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot®

The MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot® is also named as Priapus shot. This is incredibly a non-surgical treatment procedure used for countering the erectile dysfunction. If you are having an issue with your sexual health, you don’t go for any surgical treatments, you have peronei’s disease or you came across the side effects of the medications. Then for sure you have to go for a MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot®. MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot® is highly recommended non-surgical treatment while dealing with any kind of sexual disease or erectile dysfunction. The process through which the MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot® is carried down is PRP. PRP is referred as Plasma Rich Platelets. So for all the people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical compulsions must go for the MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot® treatment which is non-surgical 100% medically approved.

Benefits Of MENZ Shot™ Priapus Shot® Treatment

  • Repairing of damaged tissues and cells in the penile region.
  • Blood flow to the penile region is strengthened.
  • The size of the penis can be improved.
  • The stamina and stiffness also increases.
  • Tension among the partners is reduced.
  • Smooth erection.

Process Of MENZ Shot™ Priapus Shot® Treatment

The Process of MENZ Shot™ – Priapus Shot® is conducted through the PRP method. PRP is referred as the Plasma Rich Platelets which are highly useful and beneficial while dealing with the cure of erectile dysfunction. Also it must be noted that process 100% medically approved, natural and led by the experienced staff and technicians of the erection clinic Orlando. In this process the blood is taken from any of the part of your body and the plasma inside the blood is being separated. For exploitation and separation of the blood plasma, it is passed through the centrifuge machine. The centrifuge machine does the required work. Then after having the required stem cells which are required to repair the tissues and dead cells. These stem cells are reinjecting in the penile region so that it can function properly and the required results can be achieved.