MENZ Wave ® – GainsWave® Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

A Breakthrough Solution for Better Erections. Dr. J is a Certified Provider offering GAINSWave® Procedures.

What Is MENZ Wave® – GainsWave® Therapy

The MENZ Wave®– GainsWave® Therapy seems very odd sometimes when we hear about it. But thanks to the technological advancement in the field of medical that this kind of treatment is introduced. For erectile dysfunction and the other related sexual diseases this kind of non-surgical treatment is preferred. The patients/people also recommend this treatment as psychologically the surgical treatments are avoided. In fact, both of the treatment procedures either surgical or non-surgical have their own importance. But the MENZ Wave® – GainsWave® Therapy is non-surgical treatment procedure conducted in the erection clinic Orlando for the treatment of damaged tissues and the reduced blood flow to the penile region.
Menz Shot

Benefits Of MENZ Wave® – GainsWave® Therapy

  • The new blood vessel is formed in the penile region.
  • The stiffness of penis is improved.
  • Blood circulation is increased in the penile region.
  • It activates the cell and rebuild the whole process of stimulating in penile region.
  • It makes you competent during sexual intercourse.
  • It increases the self confidence and self-esteem.

Process Of MENZ Wave® – GainsWave® Therapy

The process of MENZ Wave® – GainsWave® Therapy is conducted through highly advanced equipment’s and machines. As from the title it would be obvious that under the kind supervision of the experienced consultant’s shocks are being given to the affected penile region. As the damaged cells are given shocks according to the procedure followed by the consultant’s advice. Normally the shocks are followed twice in the week depending upon the condition of the patient and the erectile dysfunction. During all this process no surgical instrument is used which is quite a god thing. No cuts, no blood or nothing is being replaced in your body as in the other treatments. Simply through shocks the dead cells are being recovered and they start repairing the damaged tissues, which allows the penile region to function properly and ultimately the erection problems can be minimized through it. Following the physician’s advice and treatment procedures the results can be everlasting.